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Poland: bishops support Caritas programme of “humanitarian corridors” for Middle East refugees

Refugees most in need flying to Poland through “humanitarian corridors”, with support of their families left in Middle East countries by Polish families and communities. That is the programme of Caritas Polska, supported by Polish bishops during the 373rd plenary assembly ending on Wednesday, 8 June. However, this aid plan – drawn up on the example of aid supplied in Italy by the Community of Sant’Egidio – depends on close collaboration with the public administration. Monsignor Krzysztof Zadarko, in charge of migrants for the Polish Bishops’ Conference says that “though Poland has not the same means as Italy to help refugees, the programme activated in Italy might as well be carried out here, and quite satisfactorily”. However, the bishop says that “it would be meant for people wishing to stay in Poland”, while most of refugees are going to western countries. Moreover, since Polish Caritas knows well about the needs of people coming from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq, it has planned to promote systematic commitment of single Polish persons, families and communities to help the relatives of the refugees left in Middle East countries. At the same time, a special training programme on migration problems would be started for the representatives of the church administration and diocesan Caritas.

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