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Bulgaria: Academy of Science, a conference on the 20th anniversary of the “Fides et ratio”

(From Sofia) “Dialogue on faith and reason: two wings on which the human spirit soars to contemplate truth”: this is the title of the conference that will take place at 3.00 pm today in the Great Hall of the Academy of Science in Sofia, Bulgaria, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of John Paul II’s encyclical Fides et ratio. The event is organised by the Social Research Institute of Bulgaria’s Academy of Science. The opening address will be given by the president of the Academy, Julian Revalki, by the apostolic nuncio to Bulgaria, mgr. Anselmo Pecorari, and by the Polish ambassador, Krzyztof Krajewski. Guest speakers include Kiril P. Kartaloff and Rovert Ptazek (Lublin University) and two people from the Catholic Church of Bulgaria: don Strahil Kavalenov of the diocese of Nikopol and mgr. Stefan Manolov, vicar of the diocese of Sofia-Plovdiv. “We are glad that the Bulgarian academic community is so interested in the encyclical Fides et ratio”, don Kavalenov explains to SIR, “The encyclical focuses on the quest for truth, which can be reached through faith and reason, which are not opposed to each other, as people usually think, but actually complete each other for man to be able to get to really know God and heavenly things, without neglecting reason”.

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