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Rome Treaties: Card. Marx (Comece), on Christian roots of Europe, “Our societies have become pluralistic today”

“Of course, Europe has strong Christian roots. But we should not forget that our societies have become pluralistic today”. COMECE President Card. Reinhard Marx said this in an interview with SIR news agency on the eve of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. On Friday, 24 March, Pope Francis will receive in private audience the presidents of the European institutions and EU leaders. “This is important – the Cardinal said -: “Europe is not enough by itself. That is to say: the Christian faith is part of Europe’s soul. Even in the crisis, Europe cannot revolve only around itself. With its religious and philosophical traditions and cultures, Europe should make its specific contribution to the world. The EU should therefore find greater political capacity to be able to make a positive contribution to the world’s overall development. This actually translates into faithfulness to the Christian roots of Europe”. In suggesting a way out of the crisis which has affected Europe in recent years, the Cardinal said: “Europeans must move forward despite the crises, they should be aware of the real state of Europe. Donald Tusk reminded us of this recently: ‘Europe is the best place on Earth’. Many Europeans have forgotten that for many people in the world Europe is a much-desired place for its economic situation, and for the freedom and the rights that are guaranteed here”. Pope Francis, too, in his address to the European Parliament in November 2014, referred to Europe as “a precious point of reference for all humanity” and “called on Europe – Card. Marx recalled – to know and live out its mission. That is to say: to seek what unites us and to foster peace and positive development. The Church has supported this goal from the start. And this is still the mission of the Church today”.

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