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EU: House of European History. Tajani (EU Parliament), “culture is identity. A museum to bring the citizens closer”

(Brussels) “This museum wants to be above all a message to the citizens, to bring them closer to Europe”. Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, passes his opinion during the press conference for a preview of the House of European History. Using the latest technology, by collating ancient records, vintage pieces, images of the past and current ones, the museum is in the Eastman building, a stone’s throw from the Brussels premises of the European Parliament. This museum – Tajani says – intends to help reflect in this sense. We all need to know our own history to understand the present and even, if needed, to change this Union. A necessary EU, one that must be improved, but one we cannot do without”. The House of European History had been first planned in 2007, prompted by an idea of the then president of the European Parliament, the German Hans-Gert Poettering. The overall cost is about 60 million euros: money well spent? “I say it clearly. Money invested in the education, in the training of the young generations, in learning, is always well spent. Culture is identity, and today it is badly needed”.

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