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Pope Francis: to SFC, rethinking “L’Osservatore Romano” and “Vatican Radio”. Short waves never abandoned

The Holy See’s “new communication system arises from the need for so-called digital convergence” which enables the transmission of various forms of communication “with a single code that uses the binary system”. Pope Francis said this today as he received in audience the participants in the first Plenary Assembly of the Secretariat for Communication (SFC) of the Holy See. The Pope gave two instructions to the two Vatican media involved in the reform process: “L’Osservatore Romano” and “Vatican Radio”. The newspaper, “which from next year will become part of the new Dicastery – Pope Francis pointed out -, will have to find a new and different way to be able to reach a number of readers superior to what it can achieve in paper form. Even Vatican Radio, which for years has become a series of portals, needs to be revised in accordance with new models and brought into line with modern technologies and the needs of our contemporaries. With regard to the radio service, I would like to emphasize the effort that the Dicastery is making with regard to countries with limited technological means (I think, for example, of Africa), for the rationalization of the short waves, that have never been abandoned”. Soon, he added, “the Vatican Publishing House” and “L’Osservatore Romano” will also “become part of the great working community of the new Dicastery, and this will require willingness to harmonize with a new productive and distributive plan”. After all, “history is, undoubtedly, a patrimony of valuable experiences to conserve and to use as an impetus towards the future. Otherwise it would be reduced to a museum, interesting and beautiful to visit, but not able to provide the strength and courage to continue on the journey”.

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