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Secretariat for Communication meets Pope Francis: mgr. Viganò, “gratitude and helpfulness”

“Gratitude and helpfulness”. These are the two “feelings” that inspire the efforts of the Secretariat for Communication (SpC) of the Holy See. This was reiterated today by mgr. Dario Edoardo Viganò, prefect of the Vatican Ministry, in the address he made to Pope Francis during the audience he gave to the participants in the first plenary assembly of SpC. The people here, Viganò stated, “have welcomed the call to be mouthpieces, from different parts of the world, of people’s cultural sensitivities and expectations, in a delicate and somehow painful time in history. The acceptance and listening that you constantly offer us, Your Holiness, are evidence of the attention and affection with which you follow us in our process of reformation and in our serving the Gospel, the Church, the Holy See and You”. The prefect pointed out how much the Pope has “at heart” “the problem of communication in the Church and of the Church”. In this respect, he quoted a conference given in 2002 by then card. Bergoglio, in which “he announced, as a positive, the closeness of the media and, as a negative, the temptation of a shattering aesthetics. In that scenario, he also threw two challenges to Christian communicators: finding the beauty of values, when challenged by the empty image of a certain technological cosmetics, and making efforts to improve training and professional standards, for a skilled use of technology and mass media”. It is a “double challenge, which is still viable and deeply relevant”, concluded Viganò, who confirmed that efforts will be made to “properly respond” to what the Pope “will show as fundamental for the spreading of the Gospel, for the good of the Church, for loving all men”.


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