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Earthquake in Greece: Caritas Hellas, two workers in Kos tomorrow

(Foto: AFP/SIR)

“We are following the developments, so we can be ready to respond, as far as we can, to any emergency”. This was reported to SIR by Caritas Greece about the strong magnitude-6.7 earthquake that shook the Aegean Sea, hitting the island of Kos, in Greece, and the city of Bodrum, in Turkey. It killed two people, both in Kos: a Turkish tourist and a Swedish one, who were stepping out of a bar when the roof was shaken down. In the Greek island, 120 people were injured, and so were about 80 in Bodrum. “We have no local staff – the Greek Caritas agency explains –, but tomorrow two Caritas members will be on the island to see what happened. We are monitoring the situation, which, as far as we know, is slowly going back to normal. No houses or buildings have been badly damaged. The port has been slightly damaged, instead. No injured people is in particularly critical conditions”. The earthquake occurred at 1.31 am, local time (12.30 am, Italian time), and caused the population and tourists to seriously panic and run out onto the streets. Many slept in the streets or on the beach and decided not to go back to their hotels.

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