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Pope Francis: to attendees of anti-Semitism conference, “joining forces against indifference, against any indifference”

“Let’s help each other to make a culture of responsibility, memory and closeness ferment and to join forces against indifference, against any indifference”. This is the proposal made by Pope Francis at the end of his speech to the attendees of the international conference on the responsibility of States, Institutions and Individuals for the fight against anti-Semitism and crimes associated with anti-Semitic hatred. “The potentials of information will certainly help, but education will be even more important”, Francis said. “The young generations must be urgently taught to be proactively involved in the fight against hatred and discrimination, as well as to overcome the oppositions of the past and never get tired of looking for each other. As a matter of fact, to prepare a truly human future, rejecting evil is not enough, you have to build good together”.

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