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Pope Francis: to attendees of anti-Semitism conference, “memory is the key to access the future”

“Memory is the key to access the future, and it is our duty to properly giving it to the young generations”. This was said by Pope Francis in the Vatican this morning, as he received the attendees of the International Conference on the fight against anti-Semitism and crimes associated with anti-Semitic hatred, which is being held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome today. “Remembering not just with one’s mind but from the depth of one’s soul, with one’s all”, is Pope Francis’s “recipe” to bring down indifference and “overcome so many despicable forms of apathy for other people”. And he added: “To build our history, which will be together or will not be at all, we need a common, lively and confident memory, one that will not get trapped in resentment but, though crossed by the darkness of pain, may open up to the hope of a new dawn. The Church wishes to give a helping hand. It wishes to remember and walk together”.

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