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CEI: Italian translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal approved. Translation of the Lord’s Prayer, “Do not abandon us to temptation”

The General Assembly of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) has approved the Italian translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal, at the end of a process that has lasted over 16 years. During that time – a final statement from the Extraordinary General Assembly of the CEI (12-15 November) reads -, bishops and experts have sought to improve the text from a theological, pastoral and stylistic point of view. They have also worked on the “Presentation” of the Missal, which will help not only its fruitful reception, but also supporting the liturgy as a whole. Indeed, for the bishops, the publication of the new edition is an opportunity to contribute to the renewal of the ecclesial community in the wake of the liturgical reform. Hence the need, that clearly emerged during the assembly, for greater emphasis on formation. In this context, “any individual self-promotion, a creativity that borders on improvisation, and a cold ritualism marked by self-referential aestheticism are all out of place”. The liturgy, the bishops highlighted, engages the entire assembly as we turn to the Lord: “It requires a celebratory art capable of bringing out the sacramental value of the Word of God, of drawing on and foster our sense of community, while also promoting the reality of the ministries. Our whole life, with its languages, is involved in the encounter with the Mystery: in particular, we recommend paying greater attention to the quality of the music and singing for the liturgies”. To give substance to these issues, the proposal was also discussed to mark the “handing back of the Roman Missal to the people of God” with a booklet aimed at reviving commitment to the pastoral care of the liturgy. The text of the new edition will now be submitted to the Holy See for approval, after which the new version of the Lord’s Prayer (“Do not abandon us to temptation”) and the beginning of the Gloria (“peace on earth to people, beloved by the Lord”) will both come into force.

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