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Pope Francis: audience, “no one is the absolute master of goods, he is an administrator”. The rich has a “responsibility”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“No one is the absolute master of goods: he is an administrator of goods”. Pope Francis made these off-the-cuff remarks during his audience today, in which he explained the positive and broad meaning of the Commandment “You shall not steal”. “The ownership of any property makes its holder a steward of Providence”, he explained: “Possession is a responsibility – but I am rich, this is a responsibility that you have – and every property removed from the logic of God’s Providence is betrayed: it is betrayed in the deepest sense”. “That which I truly possess is what I know how to give”, Pope Francis said. “This is the measure for valuing whether I succeed in managing wealth, if I do it well or badly. This word is important. If I know how to give, I am open, then I am rich not only in what I possess, but also in generosity, generosity also as a duty to give wealth, so that all can participate in it”. “Indeed, if I do not succeed in giving something it is because that thing owns me, it has power over me and I am a slave to it”, Pope Francis warned, adding that “the possession of goods is an opportunity to multiply them with creativity and to use them with generosity, and in this way grow in charity and in freedom”.

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