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Spain: Card. Osoro on European meeting of Taizé, “Jesus draws closer to our lives”

In his usual weekly letter, Cardinal Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid, addressed young people from across the continent who will be attending the European meeting of Taizé in Madrid. The prelate wrote that young people are coming to the Spanish capital to show us “that Jesus draws closer to our lives, to surprise us again and make us courageous witnesses of his love and peace”. All this will be possible thanks to the “meeting, the debates on different topics, prayer and the presence of young people from across Europe who will be coming to Madrid on this pilgrimage of faith”. As was the case with previous events – Cardinal Osoro noted – “this European meeting of young people wants to encourage us to live in the truth which, among others, means living in the awareness that the name of God is ‘God with us’. Knowing that there is a God who loves us, who takes care of us and cares for us is a great foundation for our lives! Three attitudes are suggested to young people, for them to take the most of the experience: the attitude of letting themselves “be surprised” when contemplating the mystery; of being “brave” and daring; and of being “pilgrims of faith”. The archbishop went on to list several Beatitudes that young Europeans are invited to live in the Spanish capital, as they put Christ at the centre of their lives”: Beatitudes which are rooted in pilgrimage and in the acceptance of God – knowing how to be fully conformed to Christ – and of our brothers and sisters, especially those who are “marginalised”.

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