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Christmas: Card. Osoro (Madrid), contemplating the mystery and imitating the protagonists of the nativity scene

An invitation to “all men and women of good will to contemplate the mystery of Christmas”, in the certainty that “the world can only be changed by a power that goes far beyond our resources”, a mystery “that gives us the opportunity to discover that the other is our brother”. The Archbishop of Madrid, Card. Carlos Osoro, said this in a video released yesterday by the Archdiocese in the run-up to Christmas. In the message, the prelate stressed some characteristic traits of the protagonists of the crib that we should try to imitate. Mary “opened her arms to welcome God into her life”. St Joseph, for his part, is “a man of faith, the man who realised that God was counting on him to be welcomed into this world”. And the shepherds, the Archbishop continued, approached the grotto “bringing with them only the poverty of their lives”; they were seen as “quite unreliable”, yet they “were the first to approach the Lord and discover the greatness of salvation”. Card. Osoro went on to speak of the Magi, who “represent all men and women; they come with their gifts, because, at all latitudes of the earth, we all need to meet and contemplate He who came into the world to give us the way, the truth and the life”. The Archdiocese also communicated that, on the occasion of the Marian Jubilee year, the faithful attending the celebrations over the Christmas period will be able to gain a plenary indulgence under the usual conditions.

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