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Slovenia: Ljubljana, meeting of Caritas volunteers. Mgr. Zore, “without charity faith cannot live”

“Without charity our faith cannot really grow, it remains trapped inside us and fails to achieve its potential”. The Archbishop of Ljubljana, Mgr. Stanislav Zore, addressed these words to the Caritas volunteers of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana, who had gathered in the Slovenian capital for their annual meeting under the title “There is more joy in giving than in receiving”. “When charity becomes part of our faith and a living expression of Christianity, then we can get closer to our brothers and sisters, breaking down divisions between people”, the bishop added. In 2017, 4,033 volunteers were actively engaged in Caritas activities, such as aid distribution, visiting underprivileged families and disabled people, and organising charitable events. Over the past year, the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana has made donations and carried out projects worth €2,153,000, of which approximately €300,000 went to underprivileged families, 75,000 to children, 85,000 to the elderly and 27,000 to the homeless. Home visits to the elderly were of considerable importance, with 12,000 people visited by the volunteers.

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