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Poland: Mercy Week, thousands of volunteers in action to assist the needy

“Strong in the Spirit” is the title of the Mercy Week that is being organised by the Polish Dioceses for the 74th time and will last until 14 April. In this period, the Church invites us to prayer and to an apostolate of charity, encouraging us to help the sick, the lonely, the unemployed, and the homeless. The initiative was launched in 1937 by the directors of local Caritas and soon spread nationwide, before being interrupted by the Second World War. Since 1945, however, it has been held on an annual basis, first during the month of October, and then, from 2013, starting on Divine Mercy Sunday. The Week is attended in particular by parish Caritas cells, helped in their work by associations set up by young people in schools of all types and levels. Thus in the Dioceses of Szczecin and Kamien, 800 young volunteers are doing their utmost to help 800 people, in most cases by carrying out a systematic and regular work. In the Diocese of Sandomierz, then, the focus this year is on children with various disabilities and their families. Also, a fundraising is being held to support a boy affected by a rare condition who is being treated at the Bojanowo Caritas Center, in the Wielkopolska region.

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