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Faith: Card. Osoro (Madrid), “fundamental questions of humanity revolve around love and hatred”

In his weekly letter, Card. Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid, encouraged the faithful to embrace the “great news” which is Jesus Christ, which He Himself revealed. Indeed, He “shows us that the human being is fully himself when love is the foundation of all of his actions, when it makes us discover and respect the human dignity of the enemy”. Also, in this world “in which hatred and violence are on the rise”, the prelate invited everyone to live adherence to Jesus “as an unconditional action and passion for life”, since it is “a provocation of love in the midst of our world”. At the same time, we are called to live out “as a people the mission of proclaiming the good news, of healing and liberating”. The challenges outlined by Card. Osoro include that of being “a provocation of love in the midst of our world. Let us not settle for our measures or the measures that others, like us, offer us; let us embrace Christ’s measure, let us be confident that He gives us the grace to be, in history, a provocation of love”. The Archbishop concluded: “Let us listen to the fundamental questions that humanity asks, which always revolve around love and hatred, sin and forgiveness, peace and war, truth and lies, the meaning of life and death, and faith in God”.

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