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Finland: general election, results on 14 April. Running parties include Social Democrats, Nationalists, Centrists, Greens

1.5 million Finns have already exercised their right to vote in the election of the 200 Members of Parliament. 36.1% of voters have already voted in advance in the past few days, whilst the polling stations will open on Sunday, 14 April. According to the latest pre-election poll, dated 9 April and released by today, another coalition government will be necessary to rule Finland. At present, the Social Democratic Party led by Antti Rinne comes out on top of the poll (19%). The nationalist Finns Party, however, has gained ground in the past two weeks (16.3%); indeed, its leader, Jussi Halla-aho, has recently travelled to Milan, Italy, to seek alliances with other European nationalists ahead of the May elections. The National Coalition Party, chaired by Petteri Orpo (up to now a member of the ruling coalition) is projected to win about 15.9% of the vote. The Centre Party (Suomen Keskusta) of Juha Sipilä, the Prime Minister who resigned on 8 March, would remain in fourth place with 14.5% of the vote. The Greens led by Pekka Haavisto would win 12% of the vote while the Left Alliance of Li Andersson is projected to win 8.7% of the vote. The “Blue Party”, the third party in Juha Sipilä’s coalition government, would exit the scene with 0.8% of the vote. The polling stations are due to close at 8pm on Sunday. Since only 4.5 million people have a right to vote (voter turnout was 3 million in the last election), the results will be announced on Sunday night, 14 April.

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