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Holy Week: card. Osoro (Madrid), “an opportunity to take the announcement of the Gospel seriously in today’s world”

Card. Carlos Osoro, archbishop of Madrid, focuses his weekly letter on the forthcoming Holy Week celebrations. The archbishop calls everyone to get ready to “celebrate the big mysteries of our faith”. And he adds: “Let’s be invaded by the lively, certain and close experience of a God who wanted to come close to us and give His life, so that we can have it and show it in this world, making God’s love, which men need, burst in the midst of history”. In the next few days, card. Osoro reflects, we are called to “fully fit in with the mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. It’s a week so that we, as Christians, through the celebrations, processions and many meditations, end up considering that we are a Church that takes the announcement of the Gospel seriously in today’s world”. The Passion Week and the Holy Week ”call us to get into the revolution of the merciful tenderness of God-Love, who started this revolution in the incarnation and continues it through the Church, a community of faith, hope and love”. To experience the Holy Week, the cardinal lists three opportunities for grace, with a short title that the Lord gives us in the days of the Easter Triduum: “a heart-touching call” is Holy Thursday, continuing “the mystery of the Incarnation into the mystery of the Eucharist”; “a life-defining belief” goes with Good Friday, when Christ gives “His life for us, so that we can have the life”; “a gift that leaves its mark on life and on the world” is the reflection that we are called to develop through our prayers at Easter.

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