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Germany: Christian Churches, “strengthening trust in democracy”. Four key challenges

The German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) have just released a document whose aim is to “talk about the challenges facing democracy today and address their root causes”. “Strengthening trust in democracy” is the title of the paper prepared by an ecumenical commission made up of 14 experts, led by Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck representing the DBK and by Reiner Anselm representing the EKD. “We Churches believe that although the democratic and social rule of law, and thus free democracy, is not a perfect order, it has proved to be the best political order, both theoretically and practically, as far as coexistence in this world is concerned; yet it remains open to criticism and improvements”, the preface by Cardinal Reinhard Marx (DBK President) and by Bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm (EKD President) reads. “To see, to judge, and to act” are the steps taken in the document to examine four “key challenges”: globalization and its consequences for the economy and ecology, democratic justice and economic inequalities, migration and digitization. In each of these areas, suggestions for political action are provided, following an in-depth analysis of the basic principles of democracy and of their “close relation with some fundamental elements of the Christian faith”.



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