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Pope Francis: audience, to Parisians and “the entire people of France”: “I feel so close to all of you”, may reconstruction “be a joint work”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“I take this opportunity to express to the diocesan community of Paris, to all Parisians and to the entire people of France my great affection and closeness after the fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral”. Pope Francis said this as he greeted the French-speaking pilgrims who were among the 12,000 faithful present in St. Peter’s Square today. “Dear brothers and sisters, I was very distressed and feel so close to all of you”, Pope Francis continued, echoing the message he sent yesterday: “The gratitude of the whole Church goes to those who did their utmost, even risking their lives, to save the Basilica. May the Virgin Mary bless them and support the work of reconstruction: may it be a joint work, to the praise and glory of God”.




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