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European elections: bishops of France, Luxembourg and Belgium (Euregio), “we trust in Europe”. The dark days will pass, a new dawn will rise”

The bishops of several dioceses of Western Europe, who joined a group they called “Euregio”, wrote a long letter to “our European brothers and sisters” to express their “views and concerns about the upcoming European elections” scheduled for the end of May. “The European Union – the bishops wrote – is faced with several economic, political, demographic and ideological crises today which demonstrate the extent of the challenges it has to address: but we believe it has all necessary resources to tackle them. With this pastoral letter, we wish to take a clear and constructive look at Europe and its future, going against the tide of fatalistic discourse, inward-looking attitudes, and sterile criticism. We wish to reiterate our trust in Europe and our hope that it may blaze new trails to respond to the dangers threatening it”. In their letter, the bishops recall the ideals that have inspired the founding fathers in the construction of Europe and suggest some fundamental principles for the present time which Europe is called upon to follow to address the challenges ahead: solidarity, the fight against new forms of terrorism, respect for human life, respect for the environment, the issue of migration, work, and the European identity. And they concluded: “We, Catholic bishops, call on our fellow citizens to vote in the European elections, in a spirit of service of the common good of all our European brothers and sisters. In the face of difficulties, some people would like to oppose the European Union and withdraw into independent nations. We believe that solidarity and collaboration between nations is the most fruitful response we can give to the current European problems. Full of hope and trust in this community of destiny, we believe that the dark days will pass and a new dawn will rise, provided we are all aware of our responsibility and make our own contribution”. The letter was signed by the Archbishop of Luxembourg and COMECE President, Mgr. Jean-Claude Hollerich, and by the Bishops of Luxembourg, Trèves, Liège, Aachen, Verdun, Metz Nancy, Troyes, and Namur.

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