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European elections: Czech bishops, “vote for candidates with christianity as a way of life”

(Bratislava) “The future of Europe lays in our hands. Let’s support its Christian face with our votes, so that our common home can be a place of coexistence in love and mutual service”, the Bohemian and Moravian bishops wrote in a message on the forthcoming EP elections. The Members of the Czech Bishops’ Conference reflect on the personal profile of ideal candidates and Christianity as a way of life: “Christianity belongs to Europe. Not as a mere cultural phenomenon but as a way of life that truly counts on Christ. According to the prelates, the so-called Christian values without Christ are only an empty and lifeless shell, and that is why it is crucial to vote for candidates “for whom to rule means to serve, and for whom loving one’s neighbour is not only a phrase or a gesture, but a sincere lifestyle. The bishops admit that the coexistence of member states within the EU is not always idyllic, but – as they emphasize – this fact represents just one more strong reason for participating in the elections.

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