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Pope Francis: to oil companies, “effects on climate will be catastrophic”. “Our children, our grandchildren, must not bear the brunt”

“Today’s ecological crisis, especially climate change, threatens the very future of the human family”. Pope Francis raised this alarm as he received in audience, at the Casina Pio IV, the participants in the meeting organised by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development with the CEOs of international oil companies on the theme: “The Energy Transition and Care for our Common Home”. “The effects on climate will be catastrophic if the threshold of 1.5ºC outlined in the Paris Agreement goal is crossed”, Pope Francis warned. The Pontiff then cited this year’s Special Report on the impacts of global warming, according to which “only one decade or so remains in order to achieve this confinement of global warming”: “Faced with a climate emergency – the Pope suggested -, we must take appropriate action, in order to avoid perpetrating a brutal act of injustice towards the poor and future generations. We must act responsibly, taking into account the impact of our actions both in the short and long term. Indeed, it is the poor who suffer the worst impacts of the climate crisis”. “The poor are the most vulnerable to hurricanes, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events”, Pope Francis recalled, and “future generations are about to inherit a very damaged world”. “Our children and grandchildren must not bear the brunt of the irresponsibility of our generation”, the Pontiff remarked. “I apologize, but I would like to emphasize this”, he continued off the cuff: “Our children, our grandchildren, they should not have to pay, it is not fair that they bear the brunt of our irresponsibility. Indeed, as is becoming increasingly evident, young people want a change”. “The future is ours, young people shout today, and they are right!”, he stressed, always speaking off the cuff.

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