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Pope Francis: audience, “the four traits of a good Christian”

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Pope Francis highlighted “the four traits of a good Christian” in his general audience catechesis today. Speaking in front of 13,000 people, he recalled how the Christian community is portrayed in the Acts of the Apostles. After Pentecost, Pope Francis recalled, “some 3,000 people become part of that brotherhood which is the habitat of believers and the ecclesial ferment of the evangelising work”. In this way, “the extraordinary becomes ordinary and daily life becomes the place where the living Christ is manifested”. The Church of Jerusalem is “the paradigm for every Christian community, the icon of a fraternity that fascinates and should neither be mythicized nor downplayed”, the Pope suggested, explaining that “the account in the Acts allows us to look within the walls of the domus where the early Christians gathered as a family of God, the place of koinonia, that is, of the communion of love between brothers and sisters in Christ”. “You can see that they live in a peculiar way”, Pope Francis remarked: “They persevere in the teaching of the apostles, in communion, in the breaking of the bread, and in prayer”. Then, speaking off the cuff, the Pope outlined “the four traits of a good Christian”. He listed and repeated them: “First, Christians listen assiduously to the Didache or apostolic teaching; second, they practice a high quality of interpersonal relationships also through communion of spiritual and material goods; third, they remember the Lord through the breaking of the bread, that is, the Eucharist; and, fourth, they dialogue with God in prayer”. “These are the attitudes of a Christian”, the Holy Father said, speaking off the cuff: “these are the four traits of a good Christian”.

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