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UK: Boris Johnson, elected Tory leader, will be next Prime Minister. “Brexit done on 31 October”

Boris Johnson was elected conservative party leader with 92,153 votes out of a total of 159,320, and will therefore be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His opponent, Jeremy Hunt, received 46,656 votes. After the result was announced at around 12pm, Boris Johnson expressed his gratitude to those who supported him; to his opponent, whose “excellent ideas” he will “steal forthwith”; and to Theresa May for her “extraordinary service to this party and this country”. “There will be people” who “will question the wisdom of your decision”, he continued: “No one party has a monopoly of wisdom”, but “it is we Conservatives that have had the best insights” and the ability to get the “balance right”. We now have to reconcile the UK’s desire to work and trade with other countries and the EU with the “equally deep” desire “for self-government”. “We are going to get Brexit done on 31 October” and “we are once again going to believe in ourselves”, he concluded.

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